SWOR2019 Photos..

Generally, all our photos are posted on our Facebook Page so please keep an eye on the page after the events. We have various photographers who attend our events, links to their pages, albums etc will be shown on the Facebook Page.

SWOR2017 Videos..

Tris Lethaby has been producing some great videos for SWOR using his drone, below are a couple he has done during last years series. For more, check his Youtube channel here or the SWOR Facebook page. A selection of Videos from the 2019 series will be posted here.



2019 SWOR Clubs

Dartmoor MXC

South Hams MXC

South West Devon MXC

Teignbridge MXC

Committee 2019

President: Paul Deeble

Chairman: Mark Newitt

Vice Chairman: Gail Gibbons

Secretary/Treasurer: Kelly Craft

Champ Points: Caitlin Newitt

Website: Mark Osborne

Timing: Paul Bolt Wallis

Supporting SWOR in 2019

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